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A little history
In 2015 we attended an event called "On Feminine Ground: The Alchemy of our Collective Wisdom and Strength". It was there that the power of circle, hearing the voices of experts on topics of listening and anchoring our personal power was so profound that we wanted to insure it happened again in advance of a major conference to prepare ourselves and one another for the dynamic week ahead. With blessings and permissions by the 2015 organizers, we took off to create something familiar, yet new. It had to be something dynamic and authentic to the community where we were. We worked carefully with a local organization whom we partnered with, infusing new dynamics, and producing an event that was unique. Collectively we found a name that suited this group and the spirit of the event we had produced and called it, The Alchemy of Women's Collective Wisdom and Power. We realized that it was not only the event that was important and impactful, but the process in planning it. The values of circle principles and shared leadership are not to be underestimated. 
We feel that these principles, when applied to any organizing committee, are essential to ensure maximum impact, leveraging everyone's creative genius, engagement and leadership. We also know the event itself is powerful beyond measure, so we now offer a variety of options from experiential coaching to event production. 
Co-founders Sande Hart and Brenda Gustin at the Henry Street Settlement Alchemy of Women and Girls's Collective Wisdom and Power at Henry Street Settlement in NY  March 2019
We systematically elevate compassion in every step of our unique Alchemy System Experience™ within our methodologies, coaching and  mentorship, manifesting into the execution of a well planned community co-branded event. Feminine Leadership and Circle Principles are built into every module of our system and our ultimate goal is to strengthen and expand the organizational capacity and resilience of any working group, business/corporations, or groups who work together to improve conditions that are important to them. 
We want everyone to be fully prepared to operate in hospitality and generosity, so we practice our methodologies by executing an Alchemy experience.
We operate as a non-profit status.
Your alchemy experience therefore may serve as a fundraiser for your group or organization.
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Brenda Gustin, Ph.D., Brenda Gustin, Ph.D., is a writer, speaker, educator, healing facilitator and social innovator. As a mother, she collaborated to create a Sudbury School. After 18 years, she transitioned to co-direct The Radiant Health Center and educate in corporate and medical institutions. Brenda educates and provides tools of transcendence through yoga, meditation/mindfulness and complementary healing practices to free people and bring peace to the body and mind. She enjoys being invited to collaborate and create with others. In service as a semiconductor bridging science, education and wellness through sacred geometry and the art of alchemy, she's currently engaged with The Charter for Compassion, Women and Girls Sector, The Alchemy of Women's Collective Wisdom and Power, Chill Sacramento,The Shift Network and Ananda Worldwide.


Sande Hart is a Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister and Aunt. She serves as Founding Director of the Charter for Compassion Women and Girls sector, Founder and President of the women's interfaith organization S.A.R.A.H., and Past Chair of the United Religions Initiative for North America. Sande's passionate about elevating women and girls by providing opportunities, weaving relationships, and being in service to the divine feminine that is rising strong in our world right now. She also speaks and conducts workshops on a variety of topics relating to women and girls, compassionate community building and kids activism.

Paying attention to patterns in organizational development and community building, it became clear that, with some thoughtful adjustments that seem to be easily missed, and some safeguards in how leadership teams work together, we could accelerate and leverage the highest vision and success of any given group. As co- founder of The Alchemy System Experience™, Sande is passionate about sharing these methodologies with anyone who will listen! 

We work with a rich network of strategic partners and advisors who themselves are thought leaders, authors, artists activists and speakers and we work with you help you tap into your local community to bring the right experience for your unique goals. 

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