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Alchemy of Our Collective

Wisdom and Power

Utilizing the Alchemy System Experience™, we produce an event, in partnership with your local organizing committee, with an experiential coaching on circle principles, manifesting a community-wide event designed to anchor our authentic power, and to prepare ourselves and one another to show up fully.


The Wisdom in our Power

Wisdom of the Community

Wisdom of the Land

Wisdom of the Body

Power of Every Voice

Ideal for:

Women and girls empowerment organizations, gender equity groups, corporations and businesses, individuals, groups large or very small that want to bring Alchemy to their community.

Pre-conference events: If you are producing or attending a conference, we work with local groups in advance to prepare them and their community to show up fully. 

  • Instilling and promoting your organization's vision and mission

  • Experiencing circle principles

  • Co-creating a dynamic and memorable event. 

  • Ultimately empowering ourselves and one another with an untapped power of the potential of your organization and community.

  • Providing an event that embodies essential elements necessary in our world today; the critical need for every one's unique voice and wisdom to be contributed and heard.

  • Imbed into the Alchemy of Our Collective Wisdom constellation network.

"The Alchemy event was really powerful and so sacred; I was

 very moved by it as an opening to my experience at the Parliament!"

Kala Perkins

"The Women's Alchemy Water Ceremony, was probably one of the highlights of the summit."

Felicia Lenne, Compassionate Arts

“The Alchemy event at the Parliament of the World’s Religions was an absolute inspiration of drumming, singing, visioning, and circling that has reinvigorated my spirit." 

Barbara A. McGraw,  J.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Social Ethics, Law, and Public Life

Director, Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism, School of Liberal Arts, Director, Interfaith Leadership Program

School of Economics and Business Administration


Personalized for your organization’s focus and goals

Our experienced and skilled team works with you in your community to guide you in the full spectrum of circle dynamics for organization and project management training so that you and your team are fully trained to bring impactful and memorable events to your community.  


This is not any event, but a co-branded Alchemy experience, with features and intention with key characteristics and part of a global community of Alchemy Circles.


With options to either be coached in circle leadership skills and execution, or sit back and let us bring the Alchemy to you, embracing your community’s unique culture textures we can customize an event to your needs and capacity. 

We work with a large network of speakers, thought leaders, and experts, or tap into your network and community to co-produce the ultimate outcome.for your group and your event.

Our Coaching and Production Includes

(and not limited to)

  • Team and horizontal leadership development

  • Circle Principles 

  • Body Movement and Release

  • Critical Listening

  • Activation and Convening

  • Promotion and PR

  • Community engagement

  • Speakers and activities, connections and guidance

  • Full event production and services

  • Fiscal Agency 

  • Local to global connection and networking

  • How to think of everything!

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