I am a Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister and Aunt, and soon to be grandmother!

I serve as Founding Director of the Charter for Compassion Women and Girls sector, Founder and President of the women's interfaith organization S.A.R.A.H., Past Chair of the United Religions Initiative for North America, and co-Founder of Alchemy Productions.

A certified Compassionate Integrity Trainer, I am passionate about leading people to a new understanding of who they are through the lens of compassion and compassionate action, and the role they contribute to the world around them. With a strong emphasis on personal awareness and self advocacy, I developed the 18th Sustainable Development goal with the intention and expectation that  we will wake up to our personal responsibilities to be stewards of our planet and those we share it with.

With a strong commitment to elevating women and girls by providing dialogue and circle experience, my workshops and productions provide opportunities for weaving relationships, and being in service to the divine feminine that is rising strong in our world right now.

I speak and conduct workshops on a variety of topics relating to community building, women and girls, and kids activism through service.

Paying attention to patterns in community and community building, it became clear that, with some thoughtful adjustments that seem to be easily missed, and some safeguards in how leadership teams work together, we could accelerate and leverage the highest vision and success of any given group.

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