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Tonya Dawn Recla
Executive Director of Super Power Experts

I recently had the honor of talking with Sande Hart on The Science of Superpowers show. Sande was a brilliant guest with a loving and refreshingly transparent nature. Her generosity of spirit flows gently from her as an invitation for all of us to lean in and allow it to take us where we’re destined to go. If you’re looking for a wonderful guest who can illustrate the abstract in easy-to-incorporate ways, take a moment to check out Sande’s book: The Liminal Odyssey:The Alchemical Power of the Spaces  In-Between.  Sande, thank you for being your truth and brilliance as a beacon to others. We love you and appreciate the work you do in the world! 

Charlon Bobo, Editor of The Liminal Odyssey, The Alchemical Power of The Spaces In-Between

Excerpt from A Note From The Editor

Sande has gone before. With the publication of this “master opus,” in the words of Dr. Nina Meyerhof, EdD, in the Foreword, she introduces the terminology and concept of a Liminal Odyssey, and provides relatable, real-world examples from her own living of its in-between influences. With this information and the frequency wave on which it is incoming, each of us is now equipped to explore and apply it to our own worlds where it means the most and has the greatest impact as we live and explore these fresh discoveries.


Patricia Fero LMS, Author of What Happens When Women Wake Up?,  Sacred Marching Orders, and What Happens When Women Converge

Sande Hart shows us how to live our lives as a Liminal Odyssey. Looking deeply into the experiences life brings us and connecting the dots yields a rich and meaningful life. There are no ordinary lives seen through the lens Sande has discovered through her own personal Liminal Odyssey. Read this book and you will see your own life in an entirely different way.


Susan Santiago, Mediator RECOURSE Mediation Services and Radio Programmer KWMR (   Hart is an individual of great and outstanding perceptions, ideas, and insights, all with an emphasis on healthy and positive transformations. Sande’s book, The Liminal Odyssey: The Alchemical Power of the Spaces In-Between, is a deep and personal reflection of her sagacious experiences and how they have gifted her with a keen awareness of how we are all capable of journeying with a higher vibration and thus transforming all of life’s passages into full, rich and highly valued ones for the benefit of all.

Barbara Hunt- Development Director of Orange County Human Relations Commission

Sande Hart has always impressed me by her ability to bring people together and create a strong group connection that not only endures the tests of time but grows to embrace the larger community while working to make the world a better place for everyone. If this sounds like an impossible feat, then you haven't met Sande! She is an innovative and creative force in our community who recognizes opportunities for everyone to win - such as the Big Sunday volunteer day - and has the skills to motivate everyone to get involved. She is a wonderful community leader who follows her heart in service to the greater good. Sande was integral to the establishment and success of SARAH and continues to find opportunities for the SARAH "sisters" to continue to grow into an incredible community asset that welcomes everyone and fosters friendships and understanding across religious and cultural lines. She has an excellent internal compass that guides her into meaningful endeavors that benefit all those around her and we are most fortunate to have her in our community.


Mike Penn, President of the Interfiath Youth Council of Orange County

Sande is an energetic and compassionate individual. She embraces people of all ages and of all faiths. Her work in making this 'spaceship earth' a better place is inspiring and she is a role model for young and old alike.


Alison Edwards, Executive Director at OC Human Relations

​Sande has presented at our youth conferences multiple times about getting involved and making a difference in the community. She is professional and well received by the students. She is also a great connector of people, she is always connecting like-minded and like-mission allies to each other and to resources.


Jason Thomas GomezDirector of Business Development at Forensic Analytical

I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Sande to plan, organize and host the Religious Diversity Forum. She has always been hands-on, solution oriented and goal focused. Sande was instrumental to the production of this large scale event and was thorough in her follow-through and dedicated to the event being put together in as professional and informative way. I would highly recommend Sande for any work, project or consulting moving forward - she is the best!


Mohannad Malas- Principal at IRA Capital

Sande follows through to ensure that things get done. She is a Knowledgeable and caring person that has made a difference in may people's lives.


Reverend Nichelle Blanco of the Shinnyo-En Buddhist Temple

 I have had the great joy of collaborating with Sande on a variety of interfaith projects for all age groups. She is a wonder to behold. Her devotion to the interfaith movement is both inspiring and respected by her peers including me. She has a passion for Peacebuilding and will do what it takes to see it moved forward for the benefit of the world. Collaborating with Sande is both productive and truly fun. Compassion and love are at the root of all she does. It's an honor to call her my friend and cohort.


Tad HeitmannPresident, BioComm Network, Inc.

Sande is one of our most innovative, energetic and compassionate peace and justice advocates. Over more than a decade, she has devoted her considerable talents to building relationships based on trust and mutual effort between diverse faith communities to tap their great reserve of energy for positive social change. Her greatest insight, however, has been to enlist, encourage and organize two groups who may at last turn the tide for global peace, security, and prosperity: women of faith(s) and our youth. Through groundbreaking work with her S.A.R.A.H. sisters, the introduction and promotion of Big Sunday community building in Orange County, and her how-to guide for young activists, “Make a Difference 101,” Sande has already made a tremendous contribution to promoting human dignity and tolerance. More than for these many accomplishments, though, she is admired and followed because of her immense spirit of kindness and love. No shrill, social cynic, Sande is always optimistic about the power of the human spirit to heal the world and tireless in providing the tools and programs to channel this power. We could all do no better for our communities or our children than to raise our sights and fall into step with Sande Hart as she leads us into a brighter, more hopeful future


Joy Adams- Gather the Women Regional Cooridinator and Co-Chair of The United Nations Association Orange County

Sande is a woman with a passion to make a difference through interfaith and intercultural understanding and service to community. She is an outstanding organizer who inspires and motivates her audience into action for a better world.


Ahmad Zahra- Producer/Director

I've known Sande since I interviewed her for my documentary film, On Common Grounds. In the film, she provides great insight into interfaith work and how to make the World a better place through collaboration. After the film, Sande kept true to her belief and continued to promote interfaith awareness through her organization, S.A.R.A.H. Sande is a wonderful, inspiring, and dedicated person that I am glad to call a friend.


Kathie Murtey- and Pachamama Alliance

Sande is a bright, articulate, enthusiastic woman who brings out the best in people. She sets her sights on a goal and then inspires others to join her in making it happen. She encourages others with their own visions to take the steps to bring them in to reality. She cares for all and does what she can to make our world a better place.


Julie Hotchkiss- Nutrician and Health Consultant

Sande has great abilities to inspire many people towards great causes that make a difference in the world. She is an excellent communicator and has the biggest heart which drives her tireless work. Lovely lady!


Lynn Moffet -Executive Director & Healing Arts at The Science of Being Institute; Independent Consultant; UCI Interfaith Board Member

It has been a true delight and honor to work with Sande at various outreach activities and forums, solidifying the true definition of community through inspiration, loving expression, and dynamic example through her works with interfaith communities and children. There is a divine spark in Sande that she willing shares with all, engages us all, and we are all better for it.


Reverend Dr. David M. Jamir

Sande is friendly, outgoing and approachable. She is passionate about Interfaith and justice work. I am sure you will enjoy her partnership.


DeeDee Jones-Ph.D., N.H.D., LMFT, Psychotherapist, Ordained, Interfaith Minister, Writer, Naturopathic Practitioner

When Sande believes in something, there is no stopping her She brings a light into any room she enters with her enthusiam and committment.


Gary Lister- Senior Manager, Author, Educator, Consultant

Sande brings passion, energy, and success to every venture. She’s a first-rate motivator; capable of moving and vitalizing audiences and volunteers. If you need a dynamic and memorable speaker for a conference or workshop you should contact Sande; she’s a powerful force for change, cooperation, and collaboration. Sande makes a real difference in all she does; she can help you and your organization make a difference too


David Kinnear- Creating a better world, one leader at a time.

Sande is a woman of endless energy and incredible creativity. We sit on the same board of a humanitarian not-for-profit organization and we all counted on Sande to pull together major projects for us. She never disappointed. I highly recommend Sande to you.


Abe Ali- Director:High-Tech Product Management;Business Development;OEM;Systems Engineering; Semiconductors;Data Comm;IT Strategy

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sande for nearly 13 years. The most striking thing one discovers very quickly about Sande is her genuine and unwaivering concern towards every one and every thing around her. Sande lives a life of attempting, every day, to relieve somone's suffering or to contribute in some measure to their happiness. She extends her open hands and heart to anyone regardless of their background, creed, or belief. At times, Sande's passion, dedication, and hard work at making this world a little better place to live in seem limitless and endless. She gives without asking for anything in return, and she makes a real difference a little bit every day. Sande inspires many - including me, and I am very grateful to have worked with her and learned from her


Sherri KrauseTeacher Training Mentor at Temple Beth El

It is my pleasure to recommend Sande Hart to any group or company that is looking to hire a creative, reliable, responsible, person with excellent "people" skills. Sande is remarkable in her ablility to organize other peoples ideas in to logical coherent concepts and then make sure that the concept is realized in 'real' time. When Sande takes on a task I know that it will be done on time and to highest professional standard.. I am confident that the people she chooses to work with will also be of the highest professional demeanor and that at the conclusion of the project they will be delighted to continue working with her. Sherri Hofmann Krause Teacher Training Mentor Temple Beth El


Ruth Sharone- Inspirational Speaker, Filmmaker, Playwrite

Sande Hart is a woman of continuing vision who is known for producing creative solutions to tough situations. Highly personable, she possesses amazing energy, good will, and fortitude. As an interfaith leader and activist, she always models the principles she teaches, and she is highly respected by her colleagues for "walking her talk." She is an inspiring speaker, noted for her ease and ability to reach everyone in the audience as if she were speaking to that individual personally. I feel fortunate to know her as both a colleage and a friend.


Angela GomezDirector of Development at Free Wheelchair Mission

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Sande. I have known Sande for several years. We have volunteered together at the Annual Religious Diversity Forum in Orange County and Be The Cause Walk for Hope. She is a kind, passionate, and hard working lady. Always a joy to be in her presence.


Karie Hillery- Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Producer/Engineer/Mentor

Sande Hart is as her name expresses...a woman who leads with and touches the Heart. She has the uncanny ability to pull diverse people together and create a synergy and energy that can move mountains and minds in positive directions. Sande is the most supportive, loving and unifying presence anyone could hope for in any organization. Her intellectual skills are only surpassed by her commitment to the "good work" in the world, finding common ground and common goals and then inspiring all involved to commit to and to reach them. Sande is truly an angel on earth.


Robin Wethe Altman-Watercolor Artist, Poster Designer at Altman Artworks

Sande is a tireless worker for UNITY in the world. She is up to date with everything that is happening in the interfaith movement. She is passionate about bringing people together and creating tolerance and PEACE in the world. If Sande is on the job, it gets DONE!!!

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