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Cultivating Female Empowerment in Interfaith Communities
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The Dr. Denise Show
Parts 1 and 2
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From the Heart With Love

with T.Love

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From The Mundane to the Miraculous, Accessing the Trust Frequency Through the Liminal Odyssey with Connie Baxter Marlow, co-author of The Trustt Frequency.


Fighting For Love with Mari Frank 

With Clay Boykin with Dennis Tardan on In Search of The New Compassionate Male Podcast.

Visit Clay's site and find the transcription here..

The Charter For Compassion Interview by 

Pattie Williams

Circles of Men
Excerpt from What Happens When Women Converge, How Reverent Engagement Unearths the Potency of the Collective Feminine
by the author of the book with the same title Patricia Fero for
The Parliament of The World's Religions
The Fuji Declaration - Tokyo, Japan
The Larry Yates Show
United Religions Initiative Presentation About S.A.R.A.H. in our 18th Year
Misa Hopkins and Divine Feminine Rising
Religious Freedom USA
Receiving the OC Human Relations Commission's Award 2005
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