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The Alchemical Power of fear


No one is immune from the mounting tensions in the world. We are all impacted at some level. Since the onset of the pandemic 4 years ago, emotional and mental health crises have been mounting and I, for one, am feeling it! Perhaps it's the overall feeling of anxiety or the sense of dread that I cannot quite pin down. Mixed in with states of bliss and never losing sight of what I am grateful for, I am in this with the rest of y'all.

While I definitely do put the Liminal Odyssey to practice, and it's cut down the impact remarkably to where I can navigate through the murkiness, it's still there and I am constantly bobbing, weaving and dancing with that which I can only boil down to Fear. Fear of the unknown can be crazy-making and constantly dancing with it can be exhausting and create some major blisters!

In the LO I "suggest" asking, "why?" in the face of fear until we can see the proverbial light, and that really helps. Yet, the heaviness, brain fog, or pings of depression are still there and necessary to honor. This is where looking at fear as a tool is powerful.

Then I remember my lesson from Grandmother Ocean in chapter 2 where I learned when tossed in the white water, sink down and find the calm under the chaos. Wait for it, and it will pass by. There you can re-member yourself and emerge back up to where the oxygen is. It's also there that you see those monster waves reduced to soap suds.

This is where sacred listening and timefulness work together to get to us back to those soap suds and calm waters.

Be gentle with yourself during these times. Imagine they are only turbulent because we are being tested for what's next. Fear shows us what muscles to build necessary for where we are heading. We don't know where that is, but we know we are on our way! Sink down, this wave will pass. It always does.

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